All the products on sale in the Suoniamo! eshop are new and therefore have a guarantee under the Dlgs. 2.02.2002 No. 24 implementing Directive 1999/44 / EC on consumer goods guarantees.

"Warranty" means the repair or replacement of components or parts of the equipment recognized by the respective manufacturers as defective in the manufacture or in the material.

The warranty does not cover accidental damage or any subsequent loss of warranty resulting from not using the product and the loss of informations by the customer in any form whatsoever. Suoniamo! also disclaims any liability for any damage that may, directly or indirectly, result in persons, things or animals as a result of non-observance of the requirements set out in the relevant operating instructions and in particular regarding the "installation" and "use and Maintenance" of the appliance.

The warranty is acknowledged to those buyers who will show the original purchase document at an Authorized Service Center together with the product that is being repaired.

For all those who purchase a product for purposes other than their professional or business activity, the Dlgs applies. 2 February 2002, No.24. - artt. 1519-bis and following c.c. - or 2 years under the law.

For other buyers who purchase with VAT number, the statutory guarantees referred to in Articles 1490 et seq. therefore 1 year under the law.

They remain in any case without prejudice to possible warranty extensions issued directly by the manufacturer.

Warranty exercise

The guarantee is of the carry-in type (in the assistance centers) except for the case of DOA, ie a product which, on arrival, is not working (see the after-sales section).

In the event of a fault, please contact Suoniamo! Customer Service or follow any other information on the relative brand's home page.

The warranty is valid for the period indicated, starting from the date of the invoice, on all parts of the product not subject to wear, due to malfunctions due to factory defects.

The warranty does not apply to damage caused by negligence, incorrect use and installation and does not comply with the warnings and instructions given in the instruction manual or installation, misuse, maltreatment, deterioration, lightning, atmospheric phenomena, overvoltages and overcurrent, insufficient or irregular power supply, adaptation or modification, or damage caused by incorrect use or in contradiction with the technical and / or safety measures required in the country where the appliance is used.

If, during the warranty period, one or more parts are replaced for repair with one or more parts not authorized by the relevant manufacturers, or not in compliance with the appropriate safety and quality measures, or if the repair is carried out by unauthorized personnel, the buyer loses the right to warranty repair.

Excluded from the warranty are consumable parts considered subject to normal wear and tear such as: ropes, batteries, light bulbs, printing or recording tapes, etc...