Money-back guarantee - Right of Withdrawal

Money-back guarantee - Right of Withdrawal WHAT IS THE "RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL"?







What is the "Right of Withdrawal"?

Purchases made on Suoniamo! are subject to the provisions of Legislative Decree 2016/2005 in respect of distance contracts in cases where the delivery of the goods takes place at the domicile or other place indicated by the purchaser or in the case of purchases made out of business premises.

The importance of the aforementioned legislation is borne out by the "right of withdrawal" by the buyer.

In terms of law, the consumer can exercise the right to withdraw from the contract within 15 days from the receivement of the goods, returning the goods to be returned to the seller, who will be required to refund the price of the returned goods. It should be noted that in the case of premium transactions (the so-called promotions), where the purchase of a good is combined with another good that is sold at a trifling price or even given for free, the right of withdrawal will legitimately be exercised with the restitution of both of the goods subject to the purchase, in view of the constraint on the availability of the good in promotion compared to the first.

Can you exercise the “Right of Withdrawal”?

The law provides that the right of withdrawal may be exercised only by natural persons (consumers) acting for purposes which may be considered to be outside the scope of their business. The right of withdrawal, therefore, can not be exercised by legal persons and natural persons acting for business purposes. Excluded from the right of withdrawal are also purchases made by resellers or by persons who, in any way, purchase for resale to third parties.

What does the "Right of Withdrawal" exclude?

The "Right of withdrawal" excludes all purchases whose delivery is completed within a point of sale. The "Right of withdrawal" does not apply to sealed audiovisual or computer software products that have been opened by the consumer.

The right of withdrawal applies to the goods purchased and therefore excludes delivery costs to the recipient of the service which the latter has benefited.

How can you exercise the "Right of Withdrawal"?

To exercise the "Right of Withdrawal", you must have the following documents and data available:

- the original invoice or order confirmation;

- in the event of a partial withdrawal, the article code you intend to return.

Then you need to send an email to Suoniamo! at containing the declaration that you wish to exercise the "Right of Withdrawal", indicating all the above data, your order number, invoice number, e-mail address and the products that should be returned by identifying them with the article code and the bank details that will allow to Suoniamo! to make the transfer in your favor for the refund. If the payment of the goods was made online through the PayPal or GestPay circuits, the refund will be made through the same payment circuit.

How to Make a Return Shipment to Suoniamo!

After activating the withdrawal practice and after having received the return authorization from Suoniamo!, you must place the original casing containing the goods in a special packaging, in order to safeguard the original envelopes of the products from any damage. Suoniamo! reserves the right to refuse the goods received in the event of non-compliance with the above procedure.

The goods will be sent to the address provided by the Customer Service.

When is the refund for the return made?

The refund for the return is made as soon as the integrity of the returned goods is verified. Let's play! reimburse the customer the amount corresponding to the value of the goods resulting from the invoice of the order and the related shipping costs. In the mentioned credit, the shipping costs for the return of the goods are not included.


Suoniamo! reserves the right not to accept shipments of components or products that:

- they do not contain original packaging, accessories and manuals
- have been performed without activating the request for assistance to the Suoniamo! Customer Service and receiving the necessary authorization
- have been carried out without following the sending instructions indicated by the Suoniamo! Customer Service

In such cases, the goods will be returned to the customer and the inherent shipping costs will be paid by the customer.