After sale support




The DOA (Dead On Arrival) procedure can be activated when the purchased component does not work since its first use.

This warranty can be applied by communicating the problem within two days of receipt of the goods to the Customer Support of Suoniamo! (

Once activated, the Customer Support of Suoniamo! will propose to the Customer, on the basis of the availability of the DOA item at that time, the replacement of the faulty component or the issue of an Accreditation note with a simultaneous refund to the Customer. The amount of any credit and debit note will be calculated taking into account any discounts and promotions on the purchase invoice and in any case the item will be replaced within 60 days of the opening of the procedure.

The defective item must be shipped by courier to the address that Customer Support will tell you.

Shipping costs will be payed by Suoniamo!

The goods covered by DOA must be returned using a rigid box containing the original packaging which must be completely devoid of any writing or tear, complete with all the equipment and interior protections to preserve its good condition during transport. Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in repayment of the goods to the customer with shipping costs incurred, and implementation of the DOA service will not be possible.


Replacement of products for incorrect shipment can be carried out when it has been mistakenly dispatched by Suoniamo! A product other than what you ordered and therefore not present in your order. The procedure can be activated within 8 solar days from the date of delivery, after contacting our Customer Service ( and receiving the authorization.

Of course, we invite you to carefully check the technical description of the article and the related photo on the website of Suoniamo!, before activating the service.

Shipping charges are payed by Suoniamo! and the shipment must be made in the manner and in the times that will be indicated by the Customer Service of Suoniamo!

The item must be returned in the state you were handed over, that is, without any signs and inscriptions of any kind on the packaging and without being in any way opened or used and using a rigid box and a special packing that protects against any damage during transport. The opening of the package will be permitted, as it is indispensable, only in the case where the packaging does not allow the verification of the content or the product ordered compared to the delivered product.

Replacement will take place within 60 days from the opening of the issue. In the event that the item purchased is no longer available, you will be contacted by our Customer Service which will issue a credit note with a simultaneous refund to you or the replacement of your item with a similar one, after your confirmation. The amount of any credit and debit note will be calculated taking into account any discounts and promotions in the purchase invoice.


This service can be activated within 8 days of receipt of the goods, if it is not complete with all its parts or accessories.

Suoniamo! invites you to compare exactly the technical description of the article and the material provided on the site before activating this service.

The activation of the service can be done by contacting our Customer Support Service ( which will integrate the contents of the package within 60 days. Following the receipt of the communication. In the inability to integrate the missing parts the Customer Support Service of Suoniamo! will consider whether to completely replace the item or issue in your favor a voucher or a credit note.


Upon receipt of the material, and before signing the delivery document, carefully check that the number of parcels (packages) delivered is consistent with those mentioned on our document and on the courier's one and always verifie the physical status with particular attention to the actual closure with the custom adhesive tape.

For any problem found, sign "RECEIVER WITH RESERVE" describing the reason directly on the delivery document of the courier (ex. accepted with reserve for lack of parcel, for crushed, broken, etc. ...). The so-called "Generic Reserve", that is the written and detailed denial of any obvious damage, has no validity and raises the carrier from any liability for possible damage during transport.

You will need to contact the Customer Support Service ( with the order number, a detailed description of the damage and a copy of the signed document no later than three days after receipt.

Suoniamo! will open a damage proceedings for the replacement of goods that will take place within 30 days of the communication or, failing to replace the product, will issue a note of credit.

If you contact the Customer Service after the 3rd day, Suoniamo! will decide whether to open a damage proceedings that involves replacing the goods.

Warning: It is essential to keep all packagings, sticker and anything else that may be useful to help you resolve the issue quickly and to request the courier to check the damage.

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