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Suoniamo! Music Store is designed and made by musicians like you! We choose products and brands with love and expertise and give you the opportunity, totally free, to sell or buy used musical instruments on the Market. The Blog is the space to share news and technical tests. And then events, gig spaces, contests and everything that allows us to express our passion for music together, promoting the value and the respect that our art deserves and all those who contribute to spread it.

Suoniamo! is the new web platform created by musicians for musicians and for all those people who love real music.

Aldo e Monica Live

We started from the idea of proposing a musical instruments eshop radically different from others on the web, creating a reality that wants to be as virtual as possible, but closer to the experience of a real store, managed by people sharing the same passion and giving the right value to the experience, the enthusiasm, the professionality and even the sacrifices we often face to maintain and support our passion to play music.

For this reason, our commercial proposal, although one of the widest on the web, is totally different from an aseptic and generalist offer that tends to replace the art with the discount principle. On the contrary, it is the result of a careful personal selection of products and brands in which we truly believe and that we are committed to dealing with passion and respect, always sharing the missions indicated by producers and distributors. In this path of quality and transparency, we are helped by professionals with whom we share tests, opinions and suggestions that are available to everyone and that we all expect to see confirmed, integrated, discussed or denied, in order to create, for the benefit of all, the greatest amount of information and experiences that can always guide us honestly and objectively to the best choice.

Let's do it togheter

Aldo e Monica Live

Our desire to create a community united by mutual intent, has pushed us to expand the activities of the platform, integrating it with a market for ads, of course free, for the sale of our used instruments, a blog to discuss news from the musical world, a "bulletin board" where to search bands to play with or musicians to join for playing. Last but not least, a place where all artists can promote their works, records, videos, concerts.

Suoniamo!, in order to promote and share music in all its expressions, organizes events, clinics, concerts and contests, creating continuous opportunities for meetings, sharing and entertainment.

Suoniamo! is a great reality made by people who love music.

Suoniamo! is born from an idea of Aldo Carnero and Monica Farronato.